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Viking Web Development would like to thank the following clients for providing their testimonials.

  • "I feel extremely fortunate to have been put in contact with Eric Paulson. He is a very talented and dedicated web site and database developer. He has the unusual trait of actually caring about his work and not just developing quantity, but developing based on quality. He truly does put the client first, and for that I am grateful. I run a small web design company in the Boston Massachusetts area, Animal 57 Productions, and find myself short of developers on many projects. When that time comes I take solace in knowing that I can call on Eric to jump right in and help us out. We have worked with Eric on a number of small projects where he has come onboard midstream, and allowed my company to finish the development work or to promote more sales by not having to worry about being overloaded with work and not having enough resources. Eric truly is a diamond in the rough and I can not recommend him highly enough. I would be more than happy to speak to anyone on his behalf in you are even considering going with anyone else"
    Michael Goldstein, CEO - Animal 57 Productions

  • "During the 2004 election campaign I have been running a website at www.electoral-vote.com. Eric Paulson of Viking Web Development volunteered to improve the red/blue map of the states by having it be generated automatically from an Excel spreadsheet containing the polling data. He also added a feature that when the mouse cursor is positioned over a state, the latest poll for that state pops up. He did all of this in a very short time and exactly as requested. The result was extremely effective. I am pleased to recommend his work."
    Andy Tanenbaum - http://www.electoral-vote.com  View more information about this project

  • "Eric has been webmaster for our UDecide (www.udecide.org) site over the past month. He was presented with a basic site and concept and has done an outstanding job, responding rapidly and with quality to our requests for site changes. He understands and is technically skilled at implementing design suggestions that greatly enhance the effectiveness of the site. He is a pleasure to work with."
    Richard Rowe, Chairman and CEO, Rowe Communications, Inc. - http://www.udecide.org  View more information about this project

  • "Working with Eric has been singularly rewarding. While most developers are long on hype and short on delivery, Eric is the opposite. He delivers a better work product than we had envisioned, in a shorter time frame than promised -- all within budget. Eric happily reminds us of what business partners and working relationships should be like!"
    Shelley Harrison, Founder, Performer.org - http://www.performer.org

  • "I have worked with many web developers to integrate database logic for many of my clients. Of them, Viking Web Development is the best. I have found Viking Web Development to be highly detailed, efficient and affordable. I look forward to making Viking Web Development my only outsource for development needs."
    Christina Padilla, Web Designer - http://www.ChristinaPadilla.com